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When it comes to the bedroom you will never lust a cheekier, more sensual girlfriend to have around you.

Relax and unwind with a friendly face, and tell me about your day. More casually dressed, a relaxed environment, affection, intimacy and a genuine sweet natured service.

Authentic sexual intimacy is important to me and essential for a genuine connection. You won’t find anyone more present, who is completely there in the moment to play, listen and connect.

My girlfriend experience is truly embodied – I will run my fingertips over every inch of your body as I kiss you deeply and passionately, looking into your eyes as we pleasure each other and indulge in one-another’s bodies.

​I also adore giving blow-jobs. Let me take you in my mouth, slow, moist and deep, building you up to an explosive orgasm.

This time is yours, so don’t be shy to ask for what you want – it gives me great pleasure to deliver!


30 mins – $200 (INCALL ONLY – not available all the time, Please check with me ahead of time)
60 mins – $400
90 mins – $600
2 hours – $800
3 hours – $1200
4 hours – $1400 (dinner date)
See: Dinner Dates & Sleepovers below for more info


Facial – $50
Worn panties – $25
Filming – $250

Perhaps you’re interested in a different fantasy?


Submission is one of my biggest passions, and is something I’ve been playing in and exploring for as long as I’ve been sexually-active.

There is something so erotic about relinquishing power to another human being, in trusting them with my body and my mind, in pain and in pleasure. It’s electric.

My experience enables me to cater to a wide variety of fantasies and D/s dynamics, so I welcome you to share your desires with me. What kind of scenes can we negotiate, who would you like me to be, what would you like me to do? Or more importantly, what would you like to do to me?

People of all skill levels and experiences are welcome, and I am happy to guide you if you are new to BDSM or domination.


30 mins – $300 (INCALL ONLY – not available all the time, Please check with me ahead of time)
60 mins – $500
90 mins – $800
2 hours – $1000
3 hours – $1500
4 hours – $1600-1800 (dinner date)
See: Dinner Dates & Sleepovers below for more info


Worn panties – $25
Filming – $250

This service does not include natural services, face slapping, choking, breath play, scat play, needles or blood play. This is non-negotiable.

Due to the diversity of D/s play and the potential risk that is involved I require the content of our session to be discussed and negotiated prior to our session.


Dinner with the Girlfriend – $1400

Let’s flirt and get to know each other over a delicious meal and drinks before heading to the bedroom for dessert.
Take me to your favourite restaurant or let’s try somewhere new together, where we can chat and tease to our hearts content. After two hours of making eyes at each other across the table we won’t be able to contain ourselves! The wait can make everything better…

Dinner with the Submissive – $1600-$1800

This evening could involve a lush dinner followed by some naughty Domination/submission for dessert.
Or, if you want to be my Dom/Daddy/Sir for the entirety of the evening, maybe you can force me to wear a vibrator at dinner, or to remove my panties under the table when no one’s looking. Just know that with every command you give me, the more aroused and impatient I’ll get for play time!


Sleepover with the Girlfriend – $3400

Let’s spend a memorable night together and really indulge! Not only can we play multiple times throughout the night but we’ll also share a lovely meal or two together. Let’s hold-hands as we watch a film or theatre production, shake and grind together on the dance floor, or peruse a night market. Whatever tickles your fancy!

Sleepover with the Submissive- $3600-4000

If you’re into something a bit kinkier we can do everything listed in the Sleepover with the Girlfriend, but also indulge in some Dominance and submission in the bedroom. It can be fun to oscillate between an equal power balance while we’re out-and-about and a Dom/sub dynamic when we’re alone and ready to play!

Or, if you’re looking for a deeper, prolonged exploration of power exchange I can be your submissive for the entire night. This might involve consistently addressing you as Sir/Master/Daddy, being in service to you as I make your drinks and rub your feet, or even following your cheeky demands at dinner or during a film.

I will partake in public Dominance/submission at my own discretion and expect that you will be covert in any power exchange that occurs when we’re in public.
The goal is not for strangers to notice or be pulled into our dynamic, and if that happens we will have to pause/cease play.

I require a 50% deposit to confirm your time slot for an extended session, and for the full session fee to be paid prior to our session time.

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